I used to carry Charmed Bracelet with me and also Friendship Bond Bracelet given by a friend from High School.


Grader days are full of excitement and most of us especially girls will remember those days when we have this kind of a bonding.  Barter of perfume stationery design.

and in High School days, friendship bracelet swap this are just examples of our charmed fruits then.

If we have this it seems your part from a group of people, “BARKADA” as we called here in Philippines.   In Filipino, the word “barkada” means a group of friends.   As with many things Filipino, the delineation of closeness is not exact. I’ve heard it described as a group of close-knit friends or simply a peer group. The best definition I can come up with is that to a Filipino, one’s barkada is another form of  family.   This may sound frightening to foreigners, since surely one group of relatives is enough!   While it must be admitted that our loyalties do beget corruption and nepotism, the upside is strong networks.

The barkada has the best of both worlds,  people who know you and love you anyway, but who will allow you to take them for granted… to a certain extent.

In my Grader and High School Years I don’t have exact BARKADA as they called.  But I have friends whom I trust the most.  One of them is Crissa Marie,  my friend whom I can always  rely on and it’s true that I feel comfortable surrounded by my closest friend, who I enjoy spending time with as well, but Crissa or better known as Kisay is the person whom I trust the most.

Your close friends from High School are the only thing you’ll really keep. Just a handful of them. You may not be able to get together with them as often, but during the times you do, it will be great.

All my Highschool friends are now acquaintances,  I found new friends on my University.   I see my old highschool friends on  bus or when I go out.   But it isn’t the same as it was.

People change, people grow, people find new friends.
Those at Uni are usually the ones you know for a long long time after you leave Uni.   Mostly because you have the same interests and follow the same courses you’ll find it easier to make new friends.

But my friend Crissa will always be one of my CHARMED FRUITS.

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