We need to look for a place that is not crowded today.  ALAS!  Chowking Bolton is not that FULL PACK.  Or maybe they are all finish celebrating their FATHER’S DAY earlier this morning.

What will I order here?  Well my fave CHOWKING FOOD their CHOPSUEY.  I really love chopsuey, the way Chowking cook it.  This is one of my favorite meals in Chowking foods and restaurant. So to all of you out there if you want a healthy food diet try this CHOPSUEY meal at the Chowking restaurant. I am pretty sure you will love the taste too.

Even my father loves their Chopsuey meal, but he prefers to order FISH and TOFU MEAL.


What a perfect place to celebrate FATHER’S DAY.  The food is so PERFECT too!

Super love it.  Thanks to my PAPA for treating me here.  Hahahahaha.  I know this is your day but you still have that time to treat me even if I am a BIG GIRL now.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.


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