A Doozy of a Boozy Chocolate Rum Cake

Cooking Whims

rum cake powdered

I never thought there was a thing as too much rum until I made this chocolate rum cake.

I love chocolate cake. And I like rum. And someone suggested I make a rum cake for the holidays. So I went trolling around the internet and came across this one from The Food in My Beard. The pictures looked amazing. The commenters were drooling. I was giddy. I had to had to had to had to make it for New Year’s Eve!  It was going to be absolutely delicious!

And so I eagerly got out all the ingredients while vacationing at the in-laws. I whipped up the chocolate batter, which included one cup of rum. That’s a lot, I thought, but baking it will bake off some of the alcohol. So bake it I did. And it smelled heavenly right out of the oven. And following the recipe…

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