My name is Pal Raine.  By day, I am a slave to educational parenting of my two lovely daughters, Mikaela and Chelsea and am working at half on a day at my Shop. By nights and weekends, I am in the kitchen cooking away. I started this blog because I like to cook, I love to travel and I wanted a place where I could share my recipes with family and friends. Not only recipes but also adventure, fashions, glamour and styles. When I’m not at the shop or in the kitchen, you can usually find me spending time with my family and friends, watching every installment of the Real Housewives, drinking wine, looking for a place to visit  and playing Fashion Style.

I love healthy cooking and do the best I can to make recipes that are low in fat and sugar as often as possible, but I also believe that sometimes, you have to splurge! Thus, you will find a great variety of recipes here.I plan to share all of my favorite family recipes as well as new recipes coming from different cooking websites and am so excited to share my cooking adventures with you all!

I love to travel.   I am not a professional traveler but  I love to be called an Amateur traveler.  I focuses on the best place to travel and nice place to unwind and stay relax for the whole time.

Have any questions? Feel free to email me at: raine_pal@yahoo.com

Copyright Disclaimer:

Like a recipe and/or picture you see on my blog? Great! I would love for you to share my recipes or pictures on your own site, however, if you plan to do so, please provide a link back to my blog and credit it to the blog owner. Thank You.  Happy Reading my blog.

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