Cellulite and Stretch Mark Remover Scrub Recipe

“Here is the secret to reducing your cellulite and stretch marks.  

Are you ready to join the thousands who know it?” 

There is nothing to lose.  Just try my alternative way to GET RID OF FATTY CELLULITE’S andSTRETCHMARKS.

All you need are this:

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Take a glass of bowl and mix together the ingredients.  You can add more oil, or coffee grinds or sugar depending on the consistency you like.
Rub vigorously over troubled areas for 10 mins before getting into shower! Do this three times a week and watch the cellulite and stretchmarks disappear!

2 thoughts on “Cellulite and Stretch Mark Remover Scrub Recipe

  1. Thank you for sharing! Will definitely try this out. Been using Gly Derm to help improve my stretch marks and it’s been working great but maybe this can help hasten the process! 🙂

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