Starting June 28, 2012 the  city of Davao will ban all the plastics and polystyrene foam.  And people are having controversial topics regarding the issue.

No more plastic cellophane for ice, ice candies and ice water.  No more spaghetti take out from my favorite fast food chain.   And no more plastic bags for shopping.

And I remember Baskets and NET BAG.

from blog

When I am thinking of net shopping bags it takes me back to my very early childhood when people still used them.  Mostly the older ladies , my lola had one but to be honest she didn’t really use it much and at the time, I wasn’t interested in netted bags. 🙂

But now I think the net bag should be back in.  If we think of preserving MOTHER EARTH, well we should use this for  our alternative bag for shopping.

For me net bag’s is a fashion.  Now there are a lot of choices of nature friendly shopping bags and I like them quite a lot.  Like what we have from SM DAVAO CITY, the Green Bag.

also from Squidoo…

Reusable Shopping Tote Bag – Folded into a Piggy – Pink

and from NCCC MALL of DAVAO…

NCCC’s Reusable Shopping Bag

but the net bag is something else, so vintage so unique and simple at the same time.

Cotton Net Shopping Bag

Can’t wait to get a net bag for myself and go shopping for my little groceries : )
I am actually one of the people who doesn’t like ordinary plastic supermarket bags (I hate them to be frank ) that’s why when I’m out shopping I have my big leatherette bag with me at all times : )
my big leatherette bag
For now I am using this bag which I bought near our street and I love this cute bag , I am using it for small grocery shopping.
It’s actually funny, I just read from a thread comment from a group called DABAWENYO KA KUNG at FACEBOOK , someone had a funny experienced about  net bags and as I read it goes like this and I quote “…they were a nightmare because little onions , apples etc always fell out : )…”.
And I said to myself, who cares !! I just need that net bag : )
We don’t complain about 4 inches heels that are killing us right? ; )
How about you?  What are your thoughts about the net shopping bags ?

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