“I Really love that song.”

“I’m in Love!”

“Let’s make Love.”

There’s a lot of talk about love…But what is it, really?

LOVE.  According to psychologists, the most basic human need is to LOVE and BE LOVED.  There is no power greater than love.  It can motivate people to do things for others they wouldn’t  normally do.

A Mother’s Love…..

a mother’s love is inseparable.  Being a mother is the most fulfilling and meaningful experiences known to mankind.   Its the meaning of life.   Its the meaning of unconditional love.   It can never be understood in its entirety; just like life.   Can you understand the entire meaning of your existence?   Its beyond your comprehension. However, you do acknowledge and appreciate your existence.



The relationship between a mother and a child is one of the most beautiful and sacred relationships that can exist in this world.   A relationship that can be the very definition of the meaning of life.   Its absolutely remarkable the strength that love can have for a mother and for her child.   And so when a mother leaves our physical presence and enters into a new world; it may feel as if we have lost the meaning of life.   That we may have lost the very essence of our being.

Rest assured, that a mothers love is not always felt only in her presence.   A mothers love is part of our being.   Its part of our existence.   A mother`s presence is felt in every part of our being.   Its in our thoughts.   Its in our past. Its in our DNA (genetic material).   Its in our children.   Its in our present reality.   A mother`s presence is felt all through life and it will guide us well into the future. A mothers love is a legacy on its own right and will live for many years to come.

A mothers love I can never explain.   It is part of my being.   Its inseparable from my soul.   For everyone, who has lost their mother.   That is, in its physical tangible form.   Please know that she will always be in your intangible thoughts.   As such, it would be absurd to bid farewell to an intrinsic part of your being.

Still have that HAPPY HEART.