1st Day at BUDA

November 25, 2011.  Going to BUDA  (Bukidnon-Davao) is a great adventure for us living here in the city.  We only go there for summer to cool down, but the group decided to go there for a change.  Buda is the favorite destination of travelers who choose to unwind and relax from the bustling metropolis, all thanks to its cool climate and clean environment.

Our batchmate offer a place for us to stay-in, thanks to Dimples Vasquez and Chis Vazquez  for accommodating us to their friends rest house just near Seagull Mountain Resort.

What cool  rest house they have.  The place itself is very peaceful, clean and cold.

As soon as we arrived we are all  freezing.  We let ourselves warm  a little bit.

And at night we have our palatable dinner.  Our so-called Chef of our batch Allan Armecin, grilled pork barbecue and chicken.  Thanks Chef. 🙂

When it is cold freezing what will be a good activity to start so that children would enjoy their stay?  Hmp, your right!!!!  CAMPFIRE.

With marshmallow and hot dogs on a stick. FTW!!!

Look my daughter enjoy roasting marshmallows and hotdogs over a campfire. hahahaha….

                     How does it taste Chelsea?…hmmmmm…taste  so yummy…..

Well that makes our first night at Buda.  Being in one house and hanging out together. Food was the first thing, but we got to kind of chill out and make jokes, and it was basically the whole thing, not one thing specifically that stands out for our CHILL OUT GROUP.

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