2nd Day at BUDA – Father Franco Farm

Afternoon of Nov. 26, 2011.  We’re supposed to have our lunch at Father Franco Farm.   But as we arrived there Father Franco was in Davao City.

We were welcomed by Father Franco’s dog.

and Father Franco’s karabaw…..jejejejeje

Father Franco Uras  is an Italian Priest who lives in Buda, which is right on the Bukidnon/Davao border.

Father Franco’s place  is really a farm, of sorts.  Father grows tomatoes, egg plant, lettuce (many varieties) and lots of herbs and other veggies as well.

Recently, Father Franco has gotten in to growing rice too.  In addition to his crops, Father also raises rabbits at his place.  The rabbits, mostly, are sold to Davao restaurants who have rabbit based dishes on their menus.

Even though we haven’t seen Father Franco in person and taste his  Italian spaghetti and pizza we are still happy to see his plants, especially Rosemary.   Rosemary is widely used as a spice when cooking, especially in Mediterranean dishes. It is also used for its fragrance in soaps and other cosmetics.

Before I forget just recently Padre Ninno’s Gourmet was launched here in Davao City, one of Fr. Franco bottled sauces made of organically-grown herbs and vegetables.  Ninno was Fr. Uras’ nickname as a young boy back in Italy.  And yes, the bottled goods may be a bit pricey, just a bit.  But remember, you not just get to enjoy yummy pasta sauces and stuff, you are also able to help the Lumad children at Buda.




Photo by Keith Bacongco






We headed back to our place to have our lunch.  A long the road we have seen so many strawberries (but I forget to take some pictures).

But here is one examples of strawberries being sold in BUDA.

photo owned by Mr. Bob Martin

This area, there are lots of people selling beautiful plants and flowers  and they are very cheap.  And strawberries too, which are also grown in the area.  I had been wanting to have some strawberries lately, and they are not readily available (fresh) in the City.  The strawberries are very sweet and good.

Hope we could have that one here in the City as fresh as it is.


One thought on “2nd Day at BUDA – Father Franco Farm

  1. I am looking forward to meet again this great man Fr. Franco Uras whom I met when I was still a Novice way back 1988-89 at the Don Bosco Mambukal, Bacolod City. Now I will be celebrating my 25 years in the religious life next year. Thank you Fr. Uras for allowing us to share the beauty of prayer with your 5 centavos to heaven place. (one of the La Salle Sisters of Guadalupe)

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