Morning of Nov. 26, 2011.  Freezing morning but we have our breakfast served at the Lanai with hot coffee and milo for the kids.  After eating we proceed to Wildberry Gardens.


Wildberry Gardens in  Barangay Lorega, Kitao-kitao, Buda – a two-hour travel from Davao.The landmark to the Wildberry Gardens is the Quarantine Area along Bukidnon-Davao highway. It was easy to spot, because all the passengers had to come down for a dip in the water (to control the foot and mouth disease that was once rampant in the area).  About 10 meters from the quarantine area, a quaint, humble cafe can be seen on a hill – the Nowhere Cafe, Too (the Too was part of the restaurant’s name, I swear! :) ). Apparently the first Nowhere Cafe is located in Wildberry Gardens per se, which is  an 80-meter hike from the barangay hall near the quarantine area. ~http://idaniswriting.wordpress.com

The place was apparently under renovation.  What we do seems we cannot stay there for long time, we visited their garden at the back.

I was amazed with what I saw. Growing small fruits (berries that grow on small plants, vines, or bushes) in the garden.  In order to identify berries, you need to know the different kinds of berries that exist.  And for my experienced I don’t have any idea what berries I’ve seen.  And the  vines are all different and difficult to distinguish.  We all just laughed naming the plants we barely see in the city.

Going down the garden was so difficult for us because it is wet and slippery.  We have to be extra careful.

The place is very calm and quiet since it is isolated from big towns or cities.  It is not just a garden but also a resort and a restaurant too.

Even if we did not stay there longer, for me that place is awesome.

We’ll be back for more soon!

(note: please disregard the date and time on the picture. my cam is not properly set. tnx.)

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