Thinking of something to blog and I look at my mobile phone.  And I realized its been a month that I purchased this.

It’s funny how when you list the great features of today’s cell phones, their ability to make calls is usually pretty low on the list.  Cell phones these days are capable of so many things people often feel naked and totally disconnected from the world without them. There is good reason for that too, with cell phones replacing so many other devices we have become increasingly dependent on them.

That is why I chose MyPhone T23 Duo WiFi, a very cheap WiFi ready, touch screen mobile phone from a Filipino-made brand “MyPhone”.   I don’t care much about it is made here in the Philippines or it has low quality, since this item saved me money from buying those expensive branded mobile phones or to make it short, I can’t really afford to buy one of those branded mobile phones ranging from 10K and up!

The fact that I am satisfied with this product no more questions ask.  It has everything in it.  Taking pictures and capturing videos is clear as it has 2MP camera in it. The WiFi is working well and I am using it here at home and also outside, especially establishment with WiFi.  I LOVE IT!!!

There are also widgets that you can place in the screen if you want to fill your screen with widget, I haven’t really explored all the widget here and was just happy with “Sheep & Butterfly” widget in my screen to which this Sheep sleeps, eat, look around the screen and there is a butterfly that keeps passing by.

I am not fond of downloading music, but this phone can store music and watching movies make it on  AVI files or in MP4 format.  It has also JAVA and you can choose your keypad into QWERTY or just an ordinary keypad of a cellphone.

I was amazed with this FILIPINO Product.  See we can do it, having a mobile phone made by our kababayan it made us more PROUD.

How much did I bought it?  It cost me only PHp 2, 880.00 (67.55 U.S. dollars).  Super affordable.  And I save more.

To sum it up being satisfied with less expensive mobile phone and having the same features with expensive mobile phone well I can say IT IS A GREAT DEAL.   Not only that we help our kababayan, we also help our country to make and build more products like this.

For more info about T23 Duo WiFi visit their website

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