Morning of Nov. 27, 2011.  More chill than cool… its freezing means thats the shit.  It’s freezing in here!! Foggy morning at BUDA.  Time check, 5 in the morning it is like it rained so hard that we could barely see the trees.  Fogs are everywhere.

  FOG is a creature that thrives in the wet, temperate climate.
It appears as thick blankets over inland waterways and lying low between the hills on cool mornings.
It appears as thin haze, almost unnoticed on sunny days & adding romance to the play of urban lights & shadow.
And it appears cold, wet and dangerous; so thick that water drips from your eyebrows.

In spite the fog we have encountered children are requesting to have their swim on the pool.   After breakfast children are already prepared for their swim.  Just a walk from where we stay in there is a  resort named SEAGULL MOUNTAIN RESORT  .

Chelsea in her post.

We did not waste time.  As soon as we arrived there the staff then took us to the resort lobby. We pay P150 each just for the pool.

As we arrived there we were disappointed on what we have seen.  The pool was so dirty, the place is not clean.  Full of garbage in the area.  So we decided to transfer to their WATERFALLS.   To get there, we had the option of walking, which will take us about 15 minutes, or a mini-bus can take us there. We took the latter. 🙂

We are having fun riding on their mini-bus.  We saw many trees and flowers along the way.

There were about 4 pools, 1 51/2 feet deep, 2 kiddie pools, and the other one, about waste deep near the waterfalls. The water from the pools all come from the waterfalls, which was quite new for me. But since we’re in the mountains, it was freaking cold! Cold but refreshing.

Aside from the waterfalls pools, there’s a pool too near the cottages.


Even the kids love the cold water.  Hahahaha…my daughter face having problem with the cold water.

They really enjoy the freezing water.

 By 2:00 P.M., we can no longer tolerate the cold weather & so we went back to our stay-in house.  We stay and rest for awhile and as soon as we packed our stuffs by 5:00 P.M. we are ready to go home.

Now it is back to reality.  Our vacation has ended.  😦

We spent 3 beautiful days in a paradise called BUDA… a perfect family vacation with my ASD BATCHMATES and with our children.  So what a better way to send memories of BUDA “our home away from home”.  Our stay at BUDA was perfect. The accommodations were wonderful thanks especially to Mr. and Mrs. Chris Vasquez, who made this trip the highlight for our kids. Thank you Chris and Dimples!!!

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