2nd Day at BUDA – HILL 88 Perfect Hideaway

Late afternoon of Nov. 26, 2011.  HILL 88  HIDEAWAY.  Nice place to unwind especially if you belong to a big family.  A big house truly remarkable.

Hill 88 is located somewhere between Davao City and Bukidnon.  4000 feet above sea level so foggy and the weather is very freezing.  We just go there to visit there place not to stay but just to have a quick look inside the house.  When the children saw the pool they are so excited, they like to plunge right in.

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The place is good for company conference and party for big family.

For inquiries and reservations, please call:
0908 873 5658 or 0917 812 0847.
You may call us between 8am to 8pm.

Rental Rate, excluding food:
> Whole Place – P18,000.00/day
> Main House – P5,000.00 per day minimum for 10 persons
P450.00 per head/day, in excess of 10 persons
Can accommodate 20 to 25

Food, charged on a per person basis
> P800.00 per head/day for 7 years old and above
> P500.00 per head/day for 6 years old and below
> Good for three (3) meals, two (2) snacks
> Includes a free flowing coffee

* Food charges goes together when renting the place.
* Guests are generally not allowed to cook in the area.
* Free use of swimming pool for registered guests.
* 50% down payment upon booking and signing of agreement.
* Confirmation of reservation should be made one week before the booked date.
* Corkage charges applicable to food and drinks brought to Hill 88.

The Place
* 1 Main House
* 2 Cottages
* Swimming pool
* Conference room

23 thoughts on “2nd Day at BUDA – HILL 88 Perfect Hideaway

  1. This looks like a great location for summer outings. But my kuya’s and ate’s typically want to stay in a resort where cooking is allowed. We also have a big family. So we really get to cut on costs when we’re allowed to cook in the vicinity. 🙂

  2. wow that is a bit pricey … id been to BUDA but never had a chance to bump in this place … maybe because i was looking for something more affordable … but dont get me wrong i really love the climate in BUDA feels like I am in Baguio ….

  3. Place looks big and really nice. What’s the exact location of this place? How do you get here? Is it easily accessible by public transport or do you need to rent private transpo?

  4. The slideshow is just perfect to describe the place and the sure fun it may bring to the visitors who will take a tour overnight or even stay longer period.

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